One of the most widely read music critics, Drago
Bonacich was born in the bosom of an European
family settled in Chile. Current member of the
U.S. National Academy of Recording Arts &
Sciences, Drago started hosting radio shows at
a young age mostly influenced by American
hard/rock, British punk and post-disco music,
making himself a music addict before becoming
a top-rated entertainment enthusiast and one of
the most reliable critics. This real music lover
has produced several successful radio shows.
Profiles and reviews holding his signature can
be found in music magazines, web sites and
internet platforms such as Pandora, Windows
Media, Google Play Music, Rolling Stone, Artist
Direct (UBL), All Music Guide, Spotify and
worldwide tv networks MTV and VH1.

Drago Bonacich became the first one supporting
Shakira's crossover in the U.S., introducing
t.A.T.u. and Tokio Hotel to America and later
Katy Perry and Lady GaGa to Latin America,
Juanes and Julieta Venegas
success, the first one writing about
Joss Stone,
RBD phenomena, the 2006 Latin American
punk-pop revival and the
Soda Stereo reunion
tour. In addition, supporting now well-known
urban artists, among many other achievements,
turning into one of the most devoted promoters
of alternative music. He is also the
leading force behind the award-winning
Musical, formally a digital music magazine since
2000 and one of the most popular music web
sites in Spanish. An enriching experience which
is far from over.

Kristen Espinoza.